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Monday, November 06, 2006

which is the better DON

A much awaited release this year in bollywood has been Farhan Akhtar's Don. Opinions have been written about "shahrukh can never match amitabh" and "the new don lacks the central character of vijay, which had been the USP of the old don" and "they shouldn't remake old masterpieces".

My honest opinion... I watched the new movie vaguely remembering the plot of the old movie. I didn't know how to react. Did not know whether I liked it or not. Felt that some sequences happened too fast. So I bought the dvd of the old movie and watched it, and then immediately went to watch the new movie. I liked the new movie better than the old one.

Anomalies of the old movie that were corrected in the new movie.

1. Roma becomes a martial arts expert in one month.
Dude, it takes years of training to become a martial arts expert and its not like the matrix where someone implanted the karate lessons in zeenat aman's head. At least Priyanka Chopra has been shown as a martial arts expert before she wants revenge.

2. Don asks Kamini her name after spending four hours with her and sleeping with her.
The english translation of Don's dialogue is "I don't like two types of girls. Those who take their own time in approaching me and those who approach me too soon." At least Farhan Akhtar's Don decides to clear his doubts before he even gives a second glance to Kamini.

3. Pran does a tightrope walk with a limp and two kids hanging on his shoulders.
Yeah, I know. Someone went overboard with the stunts in the old movie. I don't want to tell you what happens in the new one, but it is more realistic.

I personally think the new "Don" rocks. Despite my initial apprehension, I can watch that movie again and again.


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