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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the death of online journals

Somebody recently made an observation that 200 million online blogs were rotting away with people not making any entries at all. Is the blogging phenomenon dying?

Well, the internet is just one big pile of junk containing useful things tucked away in corners. I believe it used to be the reverse when it started. 200 million blogs will only contribute to more junk.

As an analogy, space is being touted as man's next frontier. When China blew an old satellite in space with a anti-satellite missile, the whole world protested that China created 600 pieces of junk in space. Right now, the amount of debris in space is very minimal. Someone will figure out a way to avoid the debris and then won't care about how much debris. And in the future, space is gonna be exactly like the internet.

Monday, November 06, 2006

which is the better DON

A much awaited release this year in bollywood has been Farhan Akhtar's Don. Opinions have been written about "shahrukh can never match amitabh" and "the new don lacks the central character of vijay, which had been the USP of the old don" and "they shouldn't remake old masterpieces".

My honest opinion... I watched the new movie vaguely remembering the plot of the old movie. I didn't know how to react. Did not know whether I liked it or not. Felt that some sequences happened too fast. So I bought the dvd of the old movie and watched it, and then immediately went to watch the new movie. I liked the new movie better than the old one.

Anomalies of the old movie that were corrected in the new movie.

1. Roma becomes a martial arts expert in one month.
Dude, it takes years of training to become a martial arts expert and its not like the matrix where someone implanted the karate lessons in zeenat aman's head. At least Priyanka Chopra has been shown as a martial arts expert before she wants revenge.

2. Don asks Kamini her name after spending four hours with her and sleeping with her.
The english translation of Don's dialogue is "I don't like two types of girls. Those who take their own time in approaching me and those who approach me too soon." At least Farhan Akhtar's Don decides to clear his doubts before he even gives a second glance to Kamini.

3. Pran does a tightrope walk with a limp and two kids hanging on his shoulders.
Yeah, I know. Someone went overboard with the stunts in the old movie. I don't want to tell you what happens in the new one, but it is more realistic.

I personally think the new "Don" rocks. Despite my initial apprehension, I can watch that movie again and again.

Friday, November 03, 2006

a series of firsts

The past six months have been very very eventful with a lot of firsts. Some good, some unfortunate. Took my first trip out of the country. Bought my first digital slr. Celebrated my first marriage anniversary. Took possession of my first apartment. Attended my first funeral. These events brought some awe, some passion, some pain forcing me to introspect for the first time.

I remember reading an email wherein the reader was asked to imagine that he had only one year to live and prioritize the things he wished to do before he died. After the list was made, he was told he had only one month to live. This required some additional pruning to the list. The interval was further reduced to one week and subsequently to one day and one hour.

What do you think remained in the list? If that is worth dying for, then isn't it also worth living for?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I am going to NY. First time? Yes. Excited?? Don't know! All too familiar questions that follow such an announcement. Well, that's about as much I have to say about this trip. I believe this will be an interesting trip cause I have no idea about anything about the US of A. So lots of explore. Have to start packing, and make sure I carry less luggage. Found some interesting sites. demystifies the art of living out of one bag.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

cure for the common cold

I was hunting for a speedy cure of the common cold, and found one that I liked.

1. A bottle of whisky
2. A four poster bed
3. A hat

Put the hat on one of the corner poles of the bed and drink the whisky till you see two hats.

Maybe I should do that every day to prevent cold.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

experiences of joining a new company

The Good News: I've joined a new company. I signed the offer, told them in advance that I was coming, got a routine checkup call from their HR a week before I joined and I land up at their doorstep on the designated day and time. You with me so far?

The Even Better News: They weren't expecting me. I joined on the same day as a dozen more people, and I find out that almost everyone's got an employee id, an i-card, systems ready to go at their command, a starter kit and food coupons too! Except me!! Arrggggghhhh !!!

The Best News: Well, that part's over now. I've got my identity, a whole bunch of new friends, a great work atmosphere, and I'm raring to go to work. :) I've got a work environment where I can plan my work and strike a balance without becoming a workaholic.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the throbbing sensation after a personal interview

You've been eyeing this great job for a long while, and you are all geared up to tear up the interview questions and show your prospective employer what a great person you are. The technical rounds are a breeze and you end up facing the top boss who tries to analyze you as a person. that is why its called a personal interview.

One of the typical questions you might encounter is "why do you want to leave your previous company?" a relatively straightforward question and a seemingly innocuous question. If you try to explain that you did not like the company's work culture or you found something wrong in the process, there is every possibility that the manager might conclude you are likely to do the same in the new company too. Shit! this is where the throbbing starts.

The manager would like to know how the work culture was at your previous company. If you tell him what a great work culture your previous company provided, all the more ammunition for the manager to screw your happiness. He would ask you why you are leaving if the work culture is so good. This is where the throbbing starts to spread from somewhere near your temples to the back of your head and you will want to disappear.

The best thing to do in a personal interview is to give an impersonal answer. Try saying something like "I am at the right age to gain more exposure in my field of expertise, and I feel that I should move into a new domain and gain a deeper understanding of how technology can impact businesses."

You can take my two cents of info, but I am not responsible for the consequences.