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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the throbbing sensation after a personal interview

You've been eyeing this great job for a long while, and you are all geared up to tear up the interview questions and show your prospective employer what a great person you are. The technical rounds are a breeze and you end up facing the top boss who tries to analyze you as a person. that is why its called a personal interview.

One of the typical questions you might encounter is "why do you want to leave your previous company?" a relatively straightforward question and a seemingly innocuous question. If you try to explain that you did not like the company's work culture or you found something wrong in the process, there is every possibility that the manager might conclude you are likely to do the same in the new company too. Shit! this is where the throbbing starts.

The manager would like to know how the work culture was at your previous company. If you tell him what a great work culture your previous company provided, all the more ammunition for the manager to screw your happiness. He would ask you why you are leaving if the work culture is so good. This is where the throbbing starts to spread from somewhere near your temples to the back of your head and you will want to disappear.

The best thing to do in a personal interview is to give an impersonal answer. Try saying something like "I am at the right age to gain more exposure in my field of expertise, and I feel that I should move into a new domain and gain a deeper understanding of how technology can impact businesses."

You can take my two cents of info, but I am not responsible for the consequences.


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