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Friday, November 03, 2006

a series of firsts

The past six months have been very very eventful with a lot of firsts. Some good, some unfortunate. Took my first trip out of the country. Bought my first digital slr. Celebrated my first marriage anniversary. Took possession of my first apartment. Attended my first funeral. These events brought some awe, some passion, some pain forcing me to introspect for the first time.

I remember reading an email wherein the reader was asked to imagine that he had only one year to live and prioritize the things he wished to do before he died. After the list was made, he was told he had only one month to live. This required some additional pruning to the list. The interval was further reduced to one week and subsequently to one day and one hour.

What do you think remained in the list? If that is worth dying for, then isn't it also worth living for?


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