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Saturday, January 21, 2006

experiences of joining a new company

The Good News: I've joined a new company. I signed the offer, told them in advance that I was coming, got a routine checkup call from their HR a week before I joined and I land up at their doorstep on the designated day and time. You with me so far?

The Even Better News: They weren't expecting me. I joined on the same day as a dozen more people, and I find out that almost everyone's got an employee id, an i-card, systems ready to go at their command, a starter kit and food coupons too! Except me!! Arrggggghhhh !!!

The Best News: Well, that part's over now. I've got my identity, a whole bunch of new friends, a great work atmosphere, and I'm raring to go to work. :) I've got a work environment where I can plan my work and strike a balance without becoming a workaholic.